Episode 19

Build Your Customer Base & Get More Clients In Business


June 30th, 2021

27 mins 54 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Learn how to build your customer base by using freebies, lead magnets, and opt-ins. Don’t have any idea what those are? No need to worry, Ashlynn and Lindsay break it down for you from the beginning, from how to set up your opt-ins with an email marketing service, how to tag your email subscribers to stay orgainzed, and why nurturing these relationships is essential to your business.


Don’t have a lead magnet? You’ll discover creative ideas your customers will love to help you build your email list. They also teach you exactly how to grow that list once you have your lead magnet set up, both on and off the internet.


These are the strategies Ashlynn and Lindsay have used with their own lead magnets to grow successful email lists and gain more customers and clients.


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