Episode 2

Time Blocking For Entrepreneurs


March 3rd, 2021

24 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

"Everyone who is an entrepreneur, business owner, or mom knows that time is our most precious commodity. And yet, many struggle with finding and sticking to an effective strategy to manage their time. Today’s episode is all about the basics of time blocking! So what the heck is time blocking? Isn’t it just scheduling your to-do list? Well, sort of, but time blocking is more of a dedicated mindset. It’s for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to regain control of their time, commit themselves to focused activity, cut out the distractions, and build an essential and healthy habit. Simply put, time blocking is scheduling chunks of time dedicated to specific tasks during those time slots. This is single handily the most incredible way to cultivate focus in your day and business! When time blocking correctly, you’re not only completing your to-do list, but you’re, in fact, moving closer to your goals, cultivating healthy boundaries, and ultimately opening up more free time in your personal life! Who doesn’t want that? You might feel resistant to this kind of structure, but we challenge you to shift your mindset. We all, in some capacity, budget our finance, right? Even though we can always earn money, we understand the wisdom behind intimately knowing our finances. Well, guess what? You can never earn more time! We are all dealt the same amount each day. 24 hours. That’s it. No exceptions! So let’s make the best of our time! Ashlynn will walk you through her specific process to get you started, so you can succeed in your time blocking habit! To get more help, download her free time blocking cheat sheet: https://ashlynncubbison.lpages.co/time-blocking-cheat-sheet/" Save big with our partners at Ebay! http://ebay.us/bHQup5