Episode 13

Repurposing Content for Busy Business Owners


May 19th, 2021

20 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Creating content is a common struggle for many entrepreneurs and business owners. There is so much pressure to create, post, share, engage, and all while being authentic.
Many entrepreneurs and business owners do not regularly practice repurposing their content, but Lindsay and Ashlynn hope to encourage you to start repurposing in this episode.
There’s a common misconception amongst business owners that repurposing content means posting the exact same piece of content to different platforms. But this is only a tiny piece of repurposing.
Repurposing content can be so much more than that! Essentially, repurposing content means that you take an original piece of content and transform it into something new. And there are dozens of ways you can do this!
In this episode, Ashlynn shares very specific examples and ways that she’s repurposed her content that will inspire you to be more strategic when it comes to your content strategy.