Episode 14

Mompreneurs Finding Time to Work Your Side Hustle With Kids


May 25th, 2021

26 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is a listener request from Instagram!  Lindsay and Ashlynn teach a lot about time management and systems for maximizing productivity because they know lack of time is the main obstacle most women have for not being able to grow their business the way they’d like to. Mompreneurs have the added struggle of balancing motherhood as well.


This episode is full of practical tips and strategies for finding & creating time to work your side hustle with kids, as well as some tough-love around prioritization and taking ownership of your business. They discuss:


-       Tracking your time

-       Identifying your top 3 priorities the night before

-       Working with your circadian rhythm for productivity

-       How to get your kids involved in your business and take other household duties off your plate