Episode 15

Six Business & Personal Growth Books That Changed Lindsay’s Life


June 1st, 2021

40 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Do you love to read? Whether you do or you don’t, this episode is going to make an impact. Lindsay shares 6 books that have been powerful for her business and personal growth and how she uses reading books as a means of being coached by successful leaders.

She shares how these books served her at different stages of business growth, key takeaways, and how she implemented what she learned into her daily life. Get your notepads ready, there is bound to be a book or to that you’ll want to add to your list.


Atomic Habits by James Clear

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

The 5am Club by Robin Sharma

Woman Code by Alisa Vitti

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robins

Do Less by Kate Northrup

Reach out to Lindsay on Instagram to request the complete list of 9 additional books that were so close to making the top 6! It was impossible to narrow it down. J

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