Episode 16

How to Have More Energy For Your Business


June 8th, 2021

18 mins 55 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Energy is something we all wish we had more of! A common misconception is that energy is something some people have and some people don’t but the truth is that energy is something we can CREATE. There are many things we can do to create more energy so that we are able to act in our business.


Lindsay teaches on energy from a health coach perspective and Ashlynn coaches on the perspective of energy management and how to be strategic with what you are doing and when.


Our body has basic, nutritional needs that are necessary in order to create energy, think clearly, and be able to focus. These are things you can start doing TODAY to see an immediate impact.


Discover how to work with your circadian rhythm and natural energy cycles as well as how to map out these cycles to take advantage of your peak energy levels during the day. Finally, beware the ultimate energy suck that will sabotage your good intentions!


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